Halloween hot fingers

These are so cool! A world-famous snack can become something so scary and fun, perfect for Halloween, with a drop of imagination. Imagine the faces the little ones will make when they’ll see you’re serving them severed fingers! Gummy worms simply won’t do it these days, and cupcakes are too time consuming. Hot, severed fingers are the next big thing in terms of Halloween. It’s so awesome!

And these are so easy to make. All you need is some hot dogs, buns and some ketchup. Boil the hot dogs, as you normally would. Cut them in half, not a clean cut, but a messy one, so they will look like severed fingers. At the end of each hot dog, cut out a thin section, so it will resemble a nail bed, then make some fine cuts for the knuckles (as in the picture below). Place the “fingers” in the buns already doused with ketchup. All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the screams!

Photo credit: PartyTipz

halloween hot fingers

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