Get rid of BLACKHEADS the fast and easy way!

Blackheads on the nose are one of the most unaesthetic skin problems. Blackheads are actually pores clogged with sebum, pollution and other substances. To remove them you can call a beautician, but that hurts, or even simpler, you can make yourself this simple mask which you can apply by yourself.

You can also try these simple homemade strips or learn how to get rid of blackheads in 30 minutes.

To make this mask all you need is two simple ingredients that are found in any kitchen: flavorless gelatin and milk.


How to:

Put a tablespoon of milk in a heat resisting glass/cup (which can be placed in the microwave oven) and then add a tablespoon of gelatin powder. Mix well until the mixture becomes coarse.  Put the cup in the microwave for 10 seconds on medium power.

After the mixture cools, take a makeup brush that you do not need and apply it on the nose.

Let it dry for approximately 10 minutes, then remove it carefully. If you look on the homemade tape you will notice blackheads and impurities accumulated.

No more blackheads the fast and easy way


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